Nasuh Akar Mah. 1400 Sok No: 16 Balgat 06520 / Çankaya / Ankara / Turkey

Yalıkavak Modern Summer House

Yalıkavak Modern Summer House

Elegant 2  Villa: 2-3-9-10

Elegant Villas 2 Yalikavak, 4 Rooms, 4 Bathrooms + 2 Salons, 4 Bathrooms, With views of the town / town
Address: Hacı yeri Cad. Elegant villas above Çimentepe 2 Yalıkavak



Ground floor:
The dining area has a large table and chairs for 8 people, a fully equipped spacious open kitchen, a living room with a L-shaped fireplace.
First floor:
En-suite bedroom with sea and pool view.
Second floor:
Spacious Yalıkavak Marina with sliding door and patio opening to sea view,  bedroom with private bathroom
Decorated mezzanine vaulted bay with natural brick ceilings

Third Floor:
Bedroom with Pool and Sea View
Lower Ground Floor:
Pool floor, poolside dining and barbecue facilities,
Private swimming pool with pool ladder Pool level
Poolside seating area and Poolside Garden

• 4 bedrooms
• 4 bathrooms
• 2 halls
• 1 Bay Window suspended ceiling
• 2 balconies
• 1 Pool terrace
• 1 Private Swimming Pool
• 1 poolside sun terrace
• 1 Natural shadow Area
• 1 BBQ area
• 1 Private parking space
• With a sea view
• City View

Location & Distances
• Bodrum city center: 15 Km
• Airport: 50 km Bodrum Milas 45 minutes
• Yalıkavak Marina (Palmarina): 1,5 Km
• Yalıkavak to the center: 3 km
• Gumusluk: 5 Km
• Sea / Beach only 250 mt
• Stores: 250m
• Yalıkavak Çimentepe Fish Resturants: 1 km
• Supermarkets, Banks, ATMs, Taxi and Bus Stations, 1.5 Km to Gas Stations



• Kitchen
• TV
• Air conditioning
• Washing machine
• Cable TV
• Suitable for Families
• Suitable for Events
• Dishwasher
• Refrigerator
• Internet / WiFi
• Bed Sheet and Towel Set
• Iron and ıron desk
• Bakery

• Turkish bath
• Auqapark
• Museums
• Night life
• Water sports
• Dive
• Market / Shopping
• Boat tour



Commission Fees are not included.

Fee List for Villas 2-3-9- and 10

Min Accommodation: 7 Days


Daily Fee           :    300.-Euro (Electricity, Water Filling Included)

Weekly Fee        : 2.050.-Euro (Including Electricity, Water Deal)

15 Daily Fee      : 4.200.-Euro (Including Electricity, Water Trip)

Monthly Fee      : 7.400.-Euro (Electricity is not included in Water Flows)

Deposit Fee       : ?????

Cleaning Fee:

Electricity Fee   :            per Month

Water Fee          :

Check-in Time   : 00:00

Check out since             : 00:00


Pets are not allowed.



Google Map:


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