Nasuh Akar Mah. 1400 Sok No: 16 Balgat 06520 / Çankaya / Ankara / Turkey

Weekly Rental Villas With Private Swimming Pool Yalıkavak Bodrum

Weekly Rental Villas With Private Swimming Pool Yalıkavak Bodrum


 summer villa for rent in Yalikavak

In Yalikavak which can be considered an exclusive village in Bodrum that has an amazing view
overlooking Yalikavak village, the natural beauty of the Aegean Sea and marina Palmarina,
where the most luxurious villas in the Gulf can be found and only 1,5 km away from the city center.
The villas total area is between 260- 400 sqm, its consist of  2-3 floors, about 300 - 600 sqm garden,
very comfortable, modernly furnished 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 balconies  and a terrace. 
Villas capacity is up to (6-8) people, it also has a private swimming pool for families.
All of our villas are in site complex and safely, ıts 100 to 300 m away from the sea
Weekly, monthly, seasonal vacation rental detached villas are available.
Evodak Tourism Accommodation Co.
Nasuh Akar Mah 1400 No: 16 Balgat
06520 Çankaya | Ankara |Türkiye
Tel                       : +90 312 285 6005  
Gsm / WhatsApp :+90 549 285 60 05 (Arabic)  / :+90 532 424 93 73 
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